How to Avoid Wrist Pain When Punching a Heavy Bag

I get pain in my wrist after heavy bag punching. Any tips for any exercises or something to avoid the pain? You throw that power shot and something just doesn’t line up correctly, instantly you get that horrible shooting pain throughout your wrist. Wrist injuries suck, especially for a boxer. When you’ve injured your wrist…

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How to get Fighting Fit At Home?

how to get fighting fit at home

Whether or not you have a membership at a gym, having a personal space to fine tune your workouts is essential, especially for combat sports.   It’s a lot easier to talk yourself out of a workout if you have to fight traffic, and making the trip to the gym is just not an option…

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What Is The Perfect Heavy Bag Weight For You?

Heavy Bags are very diverse, coming in a variety of weights, heights, and widths. You can find heavy bags ranging from 40 lbs all the way up to 200 lbs and beyond. There are a variety of shapes and materials, so knowing which one to choose can be tricky. A woman training on a Pro…

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How to Choose between Traditional Wraps and Gel Wraps

Hand Wraps

Traditional Wraps Vs. Gel Wraps   There are a ton of decisions to be made when starting out in boxing, what gym should you choose? What gloves? What boots? This article will make it a little easier for you to decide on the best way to protect your hands.   Boxing places more strain on…

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