Adidas Fighter Uniform

Adidas Fighter Uniform

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adidas FIGHTER Uniform

Top of the line. World's lightest TKD uniform specially designed for competition fighters. Features 100% polyester performance enhancing fabric, which absorbs and dries perspiration faster to keep you cool and dry. Made from ultra light weight fabric. Air mesh fabric panels are also used for ventilation at shoulder and hip area for ventilation. Only available with black v-neck trim. Please note that Fighter competition uniform comes plain (no stripes) and without pockets to comply with WTF rules and to improve kicking action. The initial design with stripes and pockets needed to be changed for better performance.

Introducing the world's lightest Taekwondo uniform especially designed for competitions.

* Featuring the new 100% polyester, high performance enhancing fabric which absorbs and dries moisture better then ever; keeping you cool and dry.
* Ultra light weight design gives the sparring specialist added comfort and mobility.
* Air mesh fabric is used for ventilation at neck and hip area.
* A fighter patch is displayed on right wrist.
* Set includes v-neck top and pant.
* World Taekwondo Federation Approved (WTF)
* Ultralight
* Features Adidas' ClimaCool technology
* 100% Polyester
* Bio-treated fabric
* Features embossments on inside fabric to prevent uniform from sticking to skin
* Perfect for intense training and competition
* *Belt not included

The new Adidas Fighter Taekwondo Uniform is ultralight and designed to keep you cool during the most intense training and competition. The uniform features Adidas' new ClimaCool technology that guards against heat and perspiration. The uniform is made of 100% polyester that features embossments on the inside fabric, designed to keep the uniform from sticking to your skin. This uniform is built for comfort but durable enough for heavy competition.

Please note: Adidas does not offer belts with their uniforms.

Uniform Size Height Weight
000(120) 4' 40 Lbs
00(130) 4'4" 60 Lbs
0(140) 4'6" 85 Lbs
1(150) 4'9" 100 Lbs
2(160) 5'2" 125 Lbs
3(170) 5'6" 150 Lbs
4(180) 5'11" 185 Lbs
5(190) 6'1" 210 Lbs
6(200) 6'4" 250 Lbs
7(210) 6'8" 280 Lbs