Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes

Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes

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Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes

It is important to have the right footgear for martial arts. You don't want uncomfortable shoes that slip on the training floor or let your opponent's electric chi balls cause you any grief. This is why the Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes are a great choice for anyone looking to do form work, drills, or light sparring in shoes.

The rubber soles offer great cushioning and better traction than plastic soles so that you'll keep your balance firm on the floor, even when you are faced with the strong force of wind from your sparring partner's magical powers. The rubber sole shoes will also keep your feet dry in wet conditions, even as the ground beneath you is transformed into slick mud through direct channeling of the elemental spirits.

These Feiyue activity shoes are perfect for all martial arts styles or just walking down the street in style. The soles are rounded, and come farther up the canvas like many popular chuck-style flats. This design is perfect for smooth motions as you move your feet, and are great for balancing because there is no corner of the sole to get caught on. You know you've always wanted some, so grab a pair in either black or white today!

  • Lightweight Canvas and Rubber Soles for Excellent Grip
  • Available in Black or White with Matching Laces
  • Move Freely Without Worry of Leaving Marks
  • Great Arch Support - Yet Accommodates All Foot Sizes
  • Rubber Soles with Rounded Edges
  • Ideal for Balancing and Movement

Please Note: The size chart below is a general EU/US shoe sizing chart and does not necessarily reflect actual sizes available in this shoe style. Our Feiyue low top shoes are available in sizes 31-47.